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Photomesh Processing hardware pipeline recommended

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Topic: Photomesh Processing hardware pipeline recommended
Posted By: Aureon
Subject: Photomesh Processing hardware pipeline recommended
Date Posted: February 05 2018 at 3:58pm
Hi all.

I'm a new user of Photomesg software, version 7.3.1. 

I am interested in knowing which hardware pipe is recommended for use photomesh parallel processing (4 fusers or more) in production environment. 

I currently own an i7 7600HD machine with 8G of RAM, but I'm thinking about upgrading the process hardware between these 3 choices (approximately the same economical range):

1 only machine with: 
-- Intel i9 7940X (18 cores 2,6Ghz)
-- SSD M. 2 (2800Mb/R)
-- 128 Gb RAM

4 x Custom Mini-PC in local network
-- Intel Core i3- 8350K (4 cores 4Ghz)
-- 16 Gb RAM
-- SSD M. 2 (2800Mb/R)

8 x Intel NUC with Intel in local network
-- Intel i7 7560U
-- 8GB RAM
-- SSD 

What configuration would be best for using PhotoMesh? Why? Are more cores more important regardless of their individual core speed? or is it better to have fewer more powerful cores when setting up different fusers so that each one of them is more powerful?

I would also like to know what kind of graphics card is of most interest (Nvidia GTX around 150$ vs Nvidia Quadro around five or more expensive. If it is necessary to include high-power graphics cards in the machines, this will improve the performance in the calculation of textures or in the meshing process? In this case, which graphic card model is the most popular??.

In other hand, exists any custom benchmark for some configurations of size proyect in images(1K or 10K or more than 10K images) vs different kinds of hardware machine configurations??

Thanks for the answers.
Best regards.

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