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Functions wanted

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Printed Date: July 07 2020 at 1:00pm

Topic: Functions wanted
Posted By: knunor
Subject: Functions wanted
Date Posted: June 04 2015 at 9:23am
These are some functions that I think would add useful possibilities to Terraexplorer:

Undo function:
Some sort of undo function\button. Particularily for building function but associated with every tool where you can move vertice points. The lack of a "undo" feature "always" comes up when teaching Terraexplorer to customers.

2D objects - Polygon, Building feature and so on
Ad possibility to adjust length\width of polygon\building by adding "Length" and "Width" properties
to the properties dialog box

Ad simple possibility to change color from yellow

Added support for some sort of watershed delineation
Added support for pour point analysis
(some sort of combination of slope\bestpath tools)

Generally more export possibilities. Especially of analysis like viewsheds
Export of contours from "Contour Map" feature would be awesome!

3D models
"Drag and drop"  for collada or other georeferenced 3D models. No need for manually placing and scaling Collada files

IFC -implementation
Would be awesome

Is there somewhere on the Skyline site where I can check out whats coming in the next version? 

Kind regards, 


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